We are 21grams

The Soul


Our roots

The name origins

In the early 20th century, Dr. Duncan MacDougall conducted experiments to measure the weight of the human soul by comparing the weight of patients before and after death.

The results indicated that, on average, each patient lost 21 grams upon death, which was attributed to the soul's departure.


Our inspiration

We took action

21grams takes inspiration from this idea to promote a way of life that encourages women to pursue their dreams without being limited by societal expectations.

We believe that every women has boundless potential and possibilities.


Our mission

Change the rules

21grams symbolizes innovation and freedom, conveying the idea of "Infinite Possibilities" and "Unbound". We seek to inspire women to live their lives to the fullest with the confidence to pursue their passions.

Take the courageous step to transcend your limits and join with us, embarking on a journey full of opportunities and inspiration.

We enjoy collaborations. Photographers, stylists, influencers, business owners, etc are all welcomed tell us what you have in mind below or email to twentyonegramsofficial@gmail.com